Statistics show that 24 million children live in biological father absent homes. 1.5 million Children have fathers who are in prison. Youths in father-absent households still had significantly higher odds of incarceration than those in mother-father families. Youths who never had a father in the household experienced the highest odds.

Our goal is to turn troubled teen boys into strong, healthy adults. With help, these children will leave Teen University with a new desire to succeed personally and professionally in today\’s society.



Program Philosophy

A successful youth service program depends on it's ability to create an enviroment that allows young people to achieve goals, which appropriately correspond with their developmental needs. Thus, Teen University (NLCC) is dedicated to recogonizing and approaching these needs with professional expertise and sensitivity.
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Teen University also known as NLCC (New Life Center for Change), is located in Phenix City, AL. We are a community-based, non-profit organization that implements a residential male group home with the sole mission of providing effective and quality intervention services that impacts the critical needs of youth males in crisis. Since opening our doors, Teen University's mission has remained constant - to help adolescent males and their families triumph over their challenges and grow into healthier, contributing members of their community. Many children arrive at Teen University with little chance at success. Many have a history of failure or abuse. Many have never had a healthy adult role model. A dedicated and respected team of professionals at Teen University administer a variety of comprehensive programs specializing in individual, group and family therapy. Our goal is to turn troubled teenagers into strong, healthy adults. With help, these children will leave Teen University with a new desire to succeed personally and professionally in today's society.

  • Crisis Intervention

    • Qualified, experienced, well trained staff available to provide immediate help
    • Identify sources and/or causes of problem behavior
    • Develop and implement plan to reduce and/or eliminate occurrences
    • Outline steps necessary to correct and restore normal environment
    • Acquaint client with available resources for assistance Provide necessary counseling

  • Delinquency Prevention

    • Provide encouragement to youth on the verge of dropping out of school
    • Counsel with youths who are disruptive in school and on the verge of being suspended
    • Motivate youth to remain in school and continue education
    • Cooperatively develop plan to replace negative behavior patterns with positive performance
    • Maintain continuous contact with school personnel

  • Gang Prevention

    • Acquaint community persons with warning signs of gang activity within the community
    • Conduct group activities with parents focused on possible indicators their child's participation in a gang
    • Identify youths at risk of gang involvement and provide positive alternatives to gang membership
    • Provide information to parents, teachers, etc of action to be taken in gang prevention

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